Monday, January 19, 2015



Just like that Monday morning gets underway with cow manure in my hair at 8am.
I love interesting weeks.
On the bright side I have ordered new purple Muck boots, sure to distract in the event of poop in hair or no makeup kind of days.

As we have entered the third full week of the new year, I am sad to report that I came pretty close to abandoning any glimpse of a new years resolution that I might have made.

Don't worry.
Let me start at the beginning.

You see, I have never celebrated New Years the way I did this past one. 
I had always felt a twinge of nostalgia at the events that had taken place and felt an air of excitement for the new year to come.

This year I just prayed it wouldn't be as hard.
Please don't get me wrong, I had more blessings poured on me in the past year than I could have ever imagined and I am beyond grateful for every one of them.

But somewhere in the other 26 I had celebrated I didn't feel so...well...umm...tired.
Even though I felt a little different than usual I vowed to press on with bigger goals than ever, with more love, more tough, more everything.

It was last week after the 5th cow had surgery for a reason we couldn't find, and after that cutest white calf got sick, my husband got a stitch in his hand, and Bandit ripped his toe nail off and the wee tiniest cute calf accidentally bloodied my nose with her enthusiasm...

That I cracked.

Like a glass that remains to stay in one piece, just barely.

So it was no irony that as I pulled the Christmas ornaments off with a little less care than usual, this happened.

The funny thing is, I always thought this one was plastic. 
Until it shattered all over the living room floor.

What I realized just as I was caving in under the pressure of being the better, tougher me was clear as glass as I crawled around the floor looking for the tiny pieces.

Life isn't made out of plastic.
Neither are we.

So I'm restarting my resolutions, this time remembering that I'm human, an so is everyone else.
Maybe then I can see the beauty in being fragile and I think that is where I'll find the kind of tough I want to be.

The week in review:

Baby sis gets her drivers license this week.
I made her take me for another drive while I can still tell her what to do :)

Bandit's toe is just fine, so is Scott's hand...and my nose.

The calves are feeling better.

Lola and I enjoyed the sunny rays for a few minutes over the weekend.

We have a very cute new calf who has lots of personality.

She likes to get out of her pen and play hide and seek.

The cows are feeling much better too, which gives me more time to love on these little cuties!

Here's to another week of adventure! 

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  1. Life is always an adventure. Most of us are just not so good at sharing with others.