Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday

A few weeks ago I thought we might make it through this winter without a major snowfall. I'm sorry to the entire east coast for apparently jinxing us. The snow stopped here around 4 pm this afternoon with a grand total of 15".  I guess the groundhog was right.

On the bright side, it is a nice break from all the brown. No matter how much extra work snow seems to make it's beauty alone seems to ease some of the pain.

By this evening it was safe to say we were all ready to go home but otherwise the day went smoothly.

Xena up to her usual mischief.

Little girl thankful for her warm hutch.

Bandit says snow is too much work.

Waiting for breakfast.

Before we got covered up with snow I was working on a project trying to document the new barn construction. Since I have already taken approximately one million pictures, I thought I had better get a head start.

Here's a sneak peak.

While documenting the construction progress, I started looking back through my photos to find a good "before" snapshot. But I found a lot more to reflect on than just the changing landscape on the hillside. While I sifted through hundreds of photos reflecting the small parts of every day life over the past several years, I found a few that I wanted to share with you.

Let's call it #Throwback Thursday farm style.

First I found this one of my sweet sis from 2010 doing her homework while I fed calves.

 Wow three years went by fast. 
Can't believe that cute little girl doing her homework at the calf barn 
will get her learners permit next month. 

Then I found one of my buddy "Fly Guy" who has been at the calf barn as long as I have.
This photo is from about 5 years ago.

 This one is from last week. He sticks with me every trip I make to carry milk to the calf barn.

Baby Xena last year.

Who has now turned into Big Xena this year.

(She gets that name from her rebellious "teenage" phase when she fought with the tire of the four wheeler every time you went to feed her group as though she were a "warrior princess". Thankfully she has since out grown that but continues to have a personality that shines though in any photo taken of her.)

 I found one of tiny little "Friendly" hiding in the straw the day she was born.

 That "tiny" girl is getting big now.

My rose bush in the summer.

My rose bush today.

Baby Ritz and Bitz

 Grown up Ritz ( Don't worry Bitz is still around but not as photogenic)

And last but not least, there was this one. 
This is me at 4 years old, before I knew of my future as a farm girl.

I thank the good Lord everyday for giving me a life that keeps me smiling.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Matters of a Monday

It's 11:30 on a Monday night and I have decided to summarize the days events in the form of a poem.
Don't worry your regularly scheduled program will be back shortly.

Matters of a Monday

Monday, Monday you were so long. 
The list, again, is 7 days strong.

Feeding, washing, babies mooing, 
Calling, thinking, chores for doing.

Bandit the dog is smelling funky.
It seems he found a sleeping skunky. 

Hammers, mud, and gravel roads.
Waiting, watching for wide loads.

Sunset golden in the sky. 

Trusses swinging way up high. 

Monday, Monday you weren't so bad. 
But with you behind me I won't be sad.