Sunday, August 3, 2014


For those of you new to Harmony on the Hillside, our family is in the process of transitioning to a new robotic milking facility for our cows. While reading the post below you should know that though our cows have moved into the new barn (just this week!) they are still being milked at the parlor until the adjust to their new environment. We do this to try to make the transition as stress free as possible for the animals. I hope you enjoy reading and stay tuned for updates as we began using the robots. Feel free to visit to see how these amazing machines work!

The night had reached its full blackness by the time I hobbled over to the bale of straw outside the milking parlor. Behind me was the familiar hum of the milking equipment. Beside me was a tired husband with equally weary feet. At 5:30 in the morning there isn't much to say.

So we were still. Probably one of the few times so far this week.
A few moments later I look over to see a sleepy farmer with his feet propped up and his eyes closed.
Teddy the barn cat quickly spots me and in a matter of moments is curled up, purring on my lap.

The weight of the week lays heavy on me along with the cool, damp air of the night.
My mind raced, thinking back on the week that had lead me to this moment.

It was a week where joy was in the little things

 And the countdown was on.

A week when you "eat like you mean it".

Because you have been working like you mean it.

A week when you race shopping carts in the Lowes parking lot

And get cows painted on your toenails

A week where coffee at 2am becomes the routine

And even the dog is tired.

It was a week that you know will change everything.

As you watch your dreams come true.

The first look!

Practicing walking through the robot

You see, as I sat on that bale of straw in the dark, I knew a change had begun.

As our cows stepped foot into that new barn, it was a sacred moment.

When the old becomes the new, the past becomes the future.

Like that moment, just before sunrise, when you see the glow of the dawn.

Old Barn

New Barn

And then when I looked up with my weary eyes I saw it.
The dawn was on its way.

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  1. Makes me tired thinking about it, but must also be quite exciting.