Monday, March 24, 2014


Have you ever had those unexpected moments?
The ones that catch you a bit off guard.
They stick in your memory and make you remember that life has to be taken in stride.

Sometimes you walk out the door on the first day of spring and are taken back by the sprigs of green that have appeared from a barren ground. 

Sometimes you eat birthday cake for breakfast. It just so happens that someone I am very fond of has a birthday on the first day of Spring. What more cause do you need to celebrate?

Sometimes calves do the darnedest things.


Sometimes you find a tiny treasure.

And sometimes you treasure tiny moments.

I didn't expect for these babies to love me.

Or these girls to look so regal.

I didn't expect to sit for hours with a sick calf instead of sitting in church

Or to have a pint sized girl that was determined to beat the odds.

Whether good or bad, farming provides many unexpected moments. It's a constant surprise of sorts.
I have found that everyday provides new reasons to smile and new reasons to pray.
Nothing is definite. Nothing is permanent.
Not always good. Not always bad.
But always worth it.

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