Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hump Day Highlight Reel

Hump Day Highlight Reel:

I have had a lot of "help" with desk work on these very cold days.
When this photo was taken Louie thought I was still working on the computer. 
Gotcha Louie!

(In case anyone is wondering, the purple collar my male cat is wearing is a "calming collar". 
Apparently his life of sleeping on the couch and eating treats is stressful. Hmmm.)

I dashed to the hilltop on Monday morning to document the building supplies arriving at the site of the new barn. When looking at the photos later, the rays of sun beaming down made my heart smile.

Later on Monday the building crew was already hard at work digging the holes to set the posts. I managed to snap this photo of Scott on the phone while he wasn't looking. It might be one of my favorite photos ever taken.

While the men have been working on the barn, I had my usual things to keep up with. Bandit has been helping of course. He loves the calves!

Well, mostly he loves them.
 I have a hunch he is using them to get to the milk.
Don't worry, he's has never harmed a fly. It's all for show.

Got a little something in your teeth there Bandit.

One our sweet girls has been ill lately and lost too much weight.
The cold temps have been hard on her so we had to take extreme measures and outfit her with a horse blanket. She's all the rage in the world of cow fashion.

The calf barn is getting closer to completion! 
What do you think of the red?

My new buddy is too wiggly to photograph at the moment. It's a work in progress.

By Wednesday morning the barn is starting to take shape! And this is only one half! 

Beams of lumber have never seemed so special. 
I might have smelled them I was so excited.
Shh, don't tell!

The little ones are staying warm in the sunshine and the straw. 
I wish I could curl up with them!

Here's a panoramic shot from today, day 3 of construction.

And just like that it's already Wednesday!

Wishing everyone a fantastic end of the week!

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