Friday, May 27, 2016

Unlikely places

Well friends, as you read in the last post, there have been some big changes happening around here and it seems like everyone noticed.

Except for Bandit, he's still scratching his head about what everyone is talking about.

Among those who noticed also include my amazingly hard working husband who has had to pick up a little slack for me around the farm lately.

One night a few weeks ago, I hadn't been sleeping super great, and his phone rang at 3 in the morning. Nothing huge, just the robots calling. 

(Did you know the robots will call us if they have a problem milking cows during the night? Pretty neat huh?  Well mostly neat, not as much at 3 am but still better than having a lot of very angry cows when you arrive the next day.)

 Knowing that I had just fallen back to sleep, he quietly waited until I was snoozing soundly before tiptoeing out of bed. Turns out I am much like a whiny baby during the night.
Poor, sweet man.

I have been trying to do all I can still at the barn but it seems to get a little harder all the time.
I am very disgruntled to find out that I am, in fact, not super woman.

I did get some shiny new boots to help my feet. 
Did I say shiny? 
I meant used to be shiny.

So mostly I've resorted to hanging out with the little girls.

And watching after the new mamas.

Remember that little one I told you about before who lost her mama right around Christmas?
She's growing up to be quite the ham and really loves to show off.

I made a few new buds too.
2361 is still a little camera shy but we're working on it. 

When I'm not at the barn I've been out scoping out flowers and trying to figure out how to take care of my yard this year. Again would be a lot more handy if I could have found that super woman cape.
Oh well.

So I took some pictures of the ones in my moms flower beds :) 

Though a few beautiful sights just showed up without having to do anything.

The trees do have a few dead spots on the leaves from that late cold snap but seem to be recovering nonetheless.

This rhododendron at our house didn't bloom at all last year and I thought it had something wrong with it.
Turns out it just needed a year off.
I couldn't resist a bump photo with it.
This was also date night and I dried my hair with a blow dryer for the first time in a week.

I do have one beautiful Clematis vine in my garden.

A few weeks ago I noticed it had not stay attached to the arbor I have for it. Seeing that as a project I could easily do on my own I jumped in and rescued it from the ground where it was bound to get all tangled up with the weeds quickly surrounding it.

I was so proud of myself for fixing it, I snapped a few photos and happily went on my way. Perusing the yard and talking to "Tiny" telling her all about the yard work we will surely catch up on next spring.

Hmm, seems I forgot to tell her we should always check the "weeds" for poison ivy before sticking our hands into the mess.
I spent the next week complaining to every poor soul who crossed my path that you should really and truly do anything humanly possible to never, ever in your entire life get poison ivy.
And that if you get it when your pregnant, you will be the grouchiest and most unpleasant person that ever existed. 

So now you know too.

Poor Bandit, he had no escape route and finally just consoled me by laying in my fancy pregnancy pillow. 

We are still discussing who should get to use it from now on.

As usual with farm life, there have been a few "hairy days" there too.

(The robots use a brush to clean off the cows udder before milking.
There seems to have been some confusion here.
No worries, no machinery or cow tails were harmed in the mix up.)

And of course there are always a few late nights.

There has been a lot of field work to do.

And when it's not been raining, the guys have been hard at work planting corn and chopping alfalfa.

So really around here we've just been figuring out how to get things done in a new season of weather and of life. And it might look a little different this summer, but aren't the best things always hiding in the most unlikely places?

Except for poison ivy, it's hiding everywhere :) 

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