Friday, September 18, 2015

Harvest 2015- Farm Wife Version

When it's day 13 of corn harvest and someone asks what I'm thinking about...

Winter, I'm thinking about winter.

Just kidding, I really love this time of year, I usually just forget quite how busy it can feel until I'm knee deep. I guess I must have been distracted by thinking of all the yummy pumpkin spice things I could buy (insert evil laugh).

As I looked through my pictures to share with you over the past few weeks, it looks like most of them are of Bandit and those big black and white ladies.

Probably because that's who I've spent the majority of my time with since we started  chopping corn 2 weeks ago.

But even if I've had to work a little harder, all in all it hasn't been too bad.

There have been some really beautiful skies to look upon.
This one is actually taken facing east with the sun behind me.

And this one is a shot from the barn at night.
I was working late and had the moon to keep me company.

We've had several new cutie pies born.

And this cutie, or maybe I should say beauty, is now a senior in high school.

There have been some moments.

Here is Junie helpfully demonstrating one such moment.
The collar she is wearing as a headband should actually be around her neck.
It helps us track each cows behavior and monitor them to make sure everyone is feeling A-okay.

It does not work in diva-headband position.

And sometimes I try to carry too many eggs in one basket. Literally.
Shhh don't tell the chickens.

But eating usually helps.

A few of my favorites are dry right now.
I'm excited for them to be back in the barn soon.

Sadly, not all the girls have gotten the best news.
Sweet 2040 has a leg injury that will make her unable to ever fully recover.

But don't worry, she has her own comfortable pen.

I've been guzzling iced coffee. 

And cutting down weeds.

Or helping cover the silo.

And if I'm not at the farm, I'm probably in Blacksburg.

Or petting Bandit.

Counting all the blessings.

And smelling the roses.

And with the majority of the corn silage harvested I think it's safe to say...

If you need me I'll be taking a nap!