Monday, July 27, 2015

Weddings, Cows and Birthday Cake

Today something amazing happened. 

I wore a white shirt (an old one) to the barn. After fetching 12 cows, turning 7 cow dry, eating lunch, training two new calves to the feeder, breeding two cows, treating one cow and then fetching 9 more, it was untouched by cow poop. 

This remains a mystery to me. 

I must also tell you that although I stayed clean today, I did have to wash 4 hair ties in the wash last week because they were not so lucky. 

It's been a pretty crazy summer around here, but a great one nonetheless. 

Before I update you on all of the happenings that have been, well, happening, I want to give you a run down on some lessons I have learned.

Here goes:

1.) Cows will usually do the opposite of what you want them to do.
      For example, if you shake a bucket to lure them to a location, they stare and secretly laugh at you.
        However if you carry said bucket around collecting trash, you will have approximately 59 of      them breathing down your back. I think cow psychology is my newest interest.

2.) Do not accidentally shut the cat in the laundry room. 
He will pee on only the clean clothes, not the dirty ones.

Sorry, no photo documentation of this one.

3.) Weddings are beautiful, amazing, lovely moments that I wish could last a lot longer. They also make you kind of tired.

4.) Birthdays are the best, especially when you eat a lot of cake with those you love.

5.)  To find the first egg in the chicken coop is very, very exciting.

6.) There is nothing better than sharing a smile with those close to your heart

7.) I still love cows

 And amidst all those lessons learned, it has been raining quite a lot.

So the corn has been growing nice and tall

Of course there are always a few thistles too.

Bandit has been working pretty hard.

And the girls have been fixing their hair.


 And when I'm not hanging out with the cows

Or kissing a mini donkey

I'm probably drinking a cup of coffee

Or wandering in the fields

And every once in a while I sit in my hammock and wonder what tomorrow might be like?
I'm feeling lucky, maybe I'll wear another white shirt ;)

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