Sunday, November 23, 2014


Even the loud hum of the engine couldn't silence the thoughts spinning through my head on this particular November evening. The big blue farm truck had no radio to distract me as I whizzed down the interstate, late to yet another meeting. The meeting was followed by errands and I found myself gripping the steering wheel a little tighter each time I got in the truck. It wasn't until my last stop that I looked down and smiled when I took the keys out of the ignition. As my white knuckles let go of the wheel, I remembered another ordinary day that started with good intentions. About 5 years ago, a more naive and less weathered version of myself was running similar errands in this same truck. I, as per habit, locked the truck and darted in the store to pick up some farm supplies. Without finding what I needed I strolled back to the truck and was befuddled to find that the key I had just taken out of the ignition didn't fit the lock. mistaking that this was indeed the vehicle I had been driving.
How many blue farm trucks were in the parking lot of Tractor Supply? 
To my shock, I was informed on the phone moments later by my husband that some vehicles have separate keys for the ignition and the door locks. 

I only had one key. 

How often do I feel that way in life. 
I don't have the right key for this problem, this day, this week.
It was in this moment 5 years later, in the middle of a parking lot, that I realized the real problem is that I locked the door.

While I wish I always had the right key, knew the right answer or had enough time, I am realizing more and more often the key to happiness could be found if I didn't lock myself out of it.

Life as a dairy farmer has taught me a lot of things, but true happiness has been the best lesson of them all. 

Would I like more time off? Of course.
Would I like to never see another animal get sick? More than anything.
Would I like to drive a brand new truck? A radio would be nice.

But the truth is that some of those things may never be in store for me.


I know plenty of places where the door is always open, and happiness is waiting for me inside.

The barn at dawn

A brief visit to paradise

Wonder in unlikely places

A walk with Papaw

A helper when the bags are heavy

Lunch on a cold day

When dairy farmers go to town

A friend in the midst of chaos

Heat on a cold night

Farmers beach


Having a little fun


"There is no key to happiness, the door is always open."
Mother Teresa

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