Monday, September 22, 2014

Harvest Hubbub

You know that feeling when you are watching a jack in the box.
You know it's going to pop up.
Your waiting.
Your ready for it.
Ahhh! You still jump out of your skin when it does.

Harvest season tends to have that same effect on me.
Don't get me wrong. It is a wonderful, productive and very rewarding part of farming.

Those little seeds have become a beautiful crop that will feed your animals provide them with the nutrients they need all though the year.

But no matter how much you prepare, no matter how much coffee you drink, no matter how ready you think you are for all the work that this season includes, at some point you wind up feeling like this.

Thanks to Bandit for his accurate illustration of my mood a time or two this week.
 You will plan out the meals and buy the groceries.
Then,in desperation, you will drive to town and order 7 combos at the drive through.
"How many? Seven?" They ask.
"Yes." You will respond.
No further questions.

Some will take advantage of your vulnerable state, particularly if you don't latch the door very well.

And since you haven't seen much of your husband since the corn chopping began, you take your dog along to the feed store for some company. 
He then proceeds to eat the entire pack of nabs you packed for breakfast while you were in the store.
He was sorry...I think.

 But on the bright side, I always know where I can find a handsome guy in a tractor.

And I even get to drive one myself sometimes.

A friend is always nearby.

And I've witnessed more beauty than I deserve.

Here's to another week full of surprises! 
Wishing you all a great Monday!

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring. ~George Santayana

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