Friday, October 25, 2013


 Envision it if you can. A gentle breeze, a blue sky, cows grazing on the hillside. A tractor hums, a calf is bawling, a dog is meandering.  While not every day on a dairy farm is this picturesque, there is something about it that can't be mimicked, where work and beauty are so intertwined in a pace so constant. My goal for this blog is to give you a glimpse into everyday life on a dairy farm and share our experiences with you. That you may know the compassion we have for our animals, the hours spent tending a crop that's yield is beyond our control, to answer the questions you may have and to share that beautiful harmony of work and beauty with all who pass this way. Welcome to Harmony on the Hillside! 

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  1. Such a beautiful picture! That should be a postcard. If we decide to get a dairy cow, I may hit you up for some advice on how to take care of her. Lol.